Best Things to Do in Pefkohori, Halkidiki

Pefkohori is a village in Kassandra, the “first toe” of Halkidiki Peninsula in Greece and is one of the top touristic places for Greeks and foreigners during summer months. It is quite popular among students and youngsters who live in the nearby city of Thessaloniki.

Halkidiki is known for its amazing deep blue color waters, its vast green areas, and its natural extraordinary beauty. It is also known for Mount Athos, a  World Heritage Site, commonly referred to as “Holy Mountain” (Agio Oros in Greek). It is considered to be a sacred area with Monasteries and long historical monastic traditions, isolated from the rest of the world, where only men can step their feet on.

1) Experience Pefkochori Beach

Pefkohori’s long beach is very popular for local tourists, hosting numerous beach-bars and free areas, where visitors can set their own parasols. Just like most other beaches of the eastern part of the Kassandra peninsula, the waters are very clean and calm. Also, the beach of Pefkohori has been awarded (for many years), with the Blue Flag for its accessibility, environmental & water quality.

2) Visit the Crazyland Water Park

The Crazyland Water Park is located at the beautiful “Glarokavos” beach in Pefkohori, Chalkidiki. Next to the beach bar FAROS. You can enjoy your coffee, drink, cocktails, and your food with its impeccable service. It is a marine playground with various inflatable in the sea. Is an excellent activity for parents and children over 6 years of age for endless hours of fun in the water. Children and adults will laugh, have fun playing with their parents and their friends. Even making new friends because here we all become a company. All of this under the supervision and help of experienced lifeguards on the ground.

3) Swim at Chroussou beach, the best of the area

Considered the best beach in the area, you should definitely go for a swim there. It is a little bit organised as there are sun beds and a small canteen for refreshments but don’t expect anything more than that. As I told you, sun beds and umbrellas are completely free, so first come – first served. Usually is very crowded but when I went there (beginning of May) it was like an isolated paradise.

4) Drink a frappe by the pool at Atrium Hotel

The Atrium hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels in the area. It is located a little bit outside of Pefkohori village, you will have to walk 10 minutes uphill. You can easily go inside and relax by the pool bar, drink a coffee (try frappe, the Greek famous modern coffee) with views till Pefkohori beach.

5) F – Greek Food Workshop

F – Greek Food Workshop Learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes and appetizers (mezedes). Begin your morning with tea or coffee in a place for locals, and then follow your guide to the mini- market, where you’ll pick out fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy a glass of ouzo or tsipouro during your cooking for a typical Greek table with full of mezedes. You will learn how to prepare classic Greek dishes and the Mediterranean culture of the joined table with mezedes (starters) during this cooking workshop; Then, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors, accompanied by ouzo or tsipouro and other treats.

6) Swim at the beach in front of Rigakis Hotel

If you start walking from Pefkohori beach towards the village Hanioti, sooner or later you will bump into a wonderful beach bar that is owned by Rigakis hotel. Wooden chairs, a small boat on the shore great to take some photos, barrels transformed into huge chairs and sunbeds on the beach. What else do you need? A paradise beach, you have it! A coffee in your hand, you got it! The perfect place to be. Have in mind that all sunbeds and umbrellas in the area are absolutely free of charge. You can order a coffee or other refreshment if you would like but no one will charge you for using them. The beach is so wonderful, you cannot miss it!

7) Temple of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea

One of the most important temples located in Halkidiki , is that of Ammon Zeus in Kallithea. According to archaeologists, during the second half of the 8th century BC was founded by colonists Euboeans city Afytis sanctuary of Dionysus was worshiped together with the Nymphs in the cavern beneath the rock, on the southwest side of the site .

The cult of the cave, where the faithful arrived with carved scale, continued in the following centuries, until the 2nd century AD. In the northern part of the site was founded in the late 5th century. B.C. sanctuary of Egyptian god Ammon Zeus, and in the 4th century BC, was built next to the altar Doric temple pavilion, the roof of which is decorated terracotta roof tiles, textured, and colored. During the 1st-2nd century AD, the temple was reconstructed, and hardware built on the south side of the narrow two modular structures ( bleachers ), while between them, up to the oldest altar, built another small altar. In this open space, sitting believers should be attending some events. The Roman phase of the church lasted until the reign of the successors of Constantine the Great, so was destroyed permanently.

8) Spend a morning at the SPA in Loutra

Loutra is a village located just 15 minutes from Pefkohori and you can easily get there by car or by taxi. The area is famous for its thermal waters that have healing capacities. The thermal spa of Loutra was first discovered by a farmer looking for sulfur to “feed” his vineyards. After the end of World War II, residents blew the rocks with dynamite and hydrosulfide water came out creating the Hot Springs. The spa building we visit today was built in 2000 and has two swimming pools (indoor & outdoor), a sauna, a hammam and offers massages for healing and rejuvenation.